Kelsey Business Center
  At SW 31st Avenue
  Kelsey Business Center
  At Park Road
  Kelsey Business Center
  At Pembroke Road
  Dixie Business Center
  Port 95 Commerce Park
  Port 5/Nisa Plat
The Kelsey family has been doing business in South Florida since 1953, when Charles M. Kelsey, Sr. founded a company, which fabricated structural steel, bar joists, and reinforcing steel.  Today in South Carolina that company's subsidiary, East Coast Steel, continues to fabricate bar joists for commercial and institutional construction projects throughout the eastern United States.

In 1974 The Kelsey Group, Inc. began developing warehouse properties in Broward County.  In 1978 the company planned and developed a 131-acre luxury residential community in South Carolina. To date The Kelsey Group, Inc. has planned, developed, constructed, and now owns and manages 1.5 million square feet of warehouse and industrial buildings.  These properties include Kelsey Business Centers, Dixie Business Center, and Port 95 Commerce Park.